Jun 242007

The Lexi Review

All things dog related critiqued by a Doberman!

Nethermead – Prospect Park, 5/22/07
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Dec 102016

We just got our tree and we are so excited! It was quite a journey though. We had decided we wanted to get the tree today, but man it was snowing hard! We put chains on the car and drove the two miles to our local Christmas tree farm. They are dog friendly, and we decided as a family what kind of tree was best for us. I like the tall ones, but Lexi seemed to really enjoy the more bushy versions. Maybe he things there is a squirrel or something similar living inside.

After we decided, it took a while to saw the tree down. I have to say, I’m not the best when it comes to sawing down trees, and it probably took longer than it should. The tree was about seven feet, but the woman who measured it said we only had to pay for six feet. At eight dollars a foot, it came to about $50. Not too bad I guess.

Then we had to tie the tree on the roof. At this point, everyone was getting cold and wanted to be INSIDE the car. Tying the tree on took way too long in my opinion. Taking if off the car took some time as well once we got home, and I’m going to have to spend some time cleaning the car out now. Anybody have some green cleaning tips for pine needles?

Decorating the tree was fun, as usual. We have a nice collection of ornaments from the years. Including a few “Lexi” photo ornaments and other dog related bulbs. We have little dog bone ornaments, and dog shaped ceramic bulbs as well. No one will not know we are dog lovers that’s for sure.

Now that the tree is up, it’s really beginning to feel a lot like Christmas – as the song says. Can’t wait to see what is under the tree this year. I wonder what Lexi wants from Santa this year?

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Jun 092014

Dogs and chickens are often thought as predator and prey, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Good farm dogs often have wonderful relationships with chickens. Check out the photo below of the cozy relationship some dogs and chickens can have in a farm setting:


So, the moral being that your dog doesn’t have to see your chickens necessarily as their next meal! A good dog will even be able to protect small chicken coops from other predators, including racoons, minks and similar nuisances.

As backyard farming becomes more and more popular, we’ve been thinking about the relationship that might develop between Lexi and any hens we might keep. Unfortunately, the best farm dogs are those who are around chickens from a very young age. Unfortunately, Lexi’s only real connection to chickens to date has come from canned chicken food!

Still, we might look into building a small, cute chicken coop for some hens that is caged, where she can watch but not touch. We will see!

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Jan 132014

Sometimes the owners of Lexi and Max (the cat) take trips. And when they take a trip, they need a way to feed and water their pets. If a friend can do this, it’s great, but that isn’t always the case. This is when technology comes to the rescue. Did you know there are a wide variety of automatic pet feeders cats – and even dogs – can use?

These feeders work a variety of different ways, but one of the most common features is a timer that will automatically dispense a certain amount of food so that Fido or Fluffy doesn’t eat all their meals at once (and then go hungry for a day or more afterwards). Some of these feeders can be set for up to a week in advance. If you take frequent trips and want to make sure your pets are fed (but not too much!) on a regular basis, it may be worth while checking them out.

Of course, if your cat is really smart, he’ll figure it all out and simply wait for it – like this one:

Lexi definitely approves!

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Dec 072013

Sometimes Lexi likes to hang out in our garage during the winter months. But right now, it is very, very cold in there. Fortunately, I was reading some online electric garage heater reviews, and found a model (from NewAir) that works well in our garage space.

Lexi definitely approves of the garage being warm during the winter months. Thank goodness there is technology that helps him keep from shivering in the garage this winter!

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Dec 072013

Most dogs don’t like cats, but Lexi isn’t one of them. One of his favorite friends is our lovely Maine Coon, named Mr. Puffs.


Isn’t he a beauty? Mr. Puffs doesn’t have his own review page, but there are some things he really loves. First, he’s a huge fan of the Catit Design cat toys, especially the Catit Design speed circuit, which can entertain him for hours on end. This company has a series of interlocking cat toys and other items (like cat grass and cat fountains), that are top of the line quality.

Mr. Puffs definitely approves this line of toys. So if you are looking for a Christmas present for your cat, take a look at all the great cat toys and other cat supplies here: http://WeHeartCats.com.

And I have to also mention that Lexi thinks these toys are pretty cool as well, although she can’t quite figure them all out!

Merry Christmas from Lexi and Mr. Puffs to you!

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Sep 302013

Recently I read an interesting post over on this blog: http://naturaltoysandcraftsforkids.blog.com/ about the natural antimicrobial properties of wood for toys for kids.

Well, what’s good for babies is definitely good for dogs as well. That is why we are considering incorporating more wooden dog toys into Lexi’s toy inventory. Wood is not only naturally resistant to bacteria, but wood toys tend to be a lot more tough and long lasting than some of their plastic and fabric counterparts.

So, do you have a good toy to recommend? What is your favorite wooden dog toy? Any comments are appreciated!

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Dec 292012

Lexi has recently found some Squidoo lenses that she is really fond of and thought we should mention here. All of these lenses are “Lexi Approved!”

1) Dog Massage Tips – In Lexi’s opinion, there is nothing better than a good dog massage. This lens walks you through the basic steps and also has some great books and other resources to help you get an “A+” in dog massage techniques. A Lexi favorite!

2) The Responsibilities of Dog Care and Ownership – Are you thinking about getting a new puppy? Having a puppy around can be great fun – but it is also a serious responsibility. This lens looks at the work and costs involved when adopting a new dog or puppy into your home. (For now, Lexi is happy we are a “one dog” family!)

3) Perennial Shade Gardens – Lexi really “digs” perennial gardens (get it?). Although this Squidoo lens deals with perennials more generally, the information on gardening with perennials in the shade is definitely the most important. Growing plants in yards with a lot of shade (like ours) is not easy, and this was a valuable resource to help us create a more beautiful playground for Lexi.

We hope you enjoy reading these lenses. Thanks again for stopping by The Lexi Review!

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Mar 202012

Lexi’s 6 yr Birthday Party!

1. Make some party bags with healthy treats, and have a injury waiver sign form ready along with a first aid kit for both humans and pets.

2. Start making some yummy treats~

3. Bake a hamburger cake – Ground beef, egg, tofu mix to bind. Use can food for layering/icing. Use cheese and ham for sandwich effect.

4. Garnish with ham, cheese, sausage slices, treats, and write with thick bbq sauce

5. Use cookie cutters to make fun shapes with low sodium spam, and jelly-like can food like Caesar – Aw come on! Once in a while its okay~

6. Invite some cool friends

7. Dress up real snazzy~

8. Do some paw printing with washable non-toxic children’s paint!

9. Agility is fun too!!!

10. And of course~ EAT EAT EAT!!!!!!!!

For more images check out our Doberman Group here: http://doberman.meetup.com/113

For some great cupcake ideas – for both humans and dogs – visit this cupcake blog.

Pros: Lots of fun and eating!!!
Cons: Lexi can’t read the bday cards~

Lexi Rates it: 5 Stars for CAKE, friends, and more CAKE!!!
Mom Rates it: 5 Stars for tons of fun~*

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Jan 242012

The Gentle Leader Headcollar is very well designed.

It was originally inspired by the method used for horses, but some things just don’t work for some dogs….

So why is this great product rejected?

Too many people on the street get afraid of Lexi because they think it’s a muzzle!

Even fellow dog owners scurry away or make nasty comments about aggressive dogs and cruelty etc…

And Lexi doesn’t even like it anyway – but it does do its job!

Pros: Works when fitted & introduced properly
Cons: Everyone thinks its a muzzle

Lexi Rates it: 1 Star for no neck strain
Mom Rates it: 3 Stars for product actually working

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Nov 022011

The Lotus Elise, a British made street legal mid-engine, 2-passenger roadster

After a loud & uncomfortable experience when she was just a pup

Lexi is now terrified of this car

and refuses to go in

till the end!
Completely rejected by Lexi~

Pros: Major pimp factor, superior handling
Cons: Uncomfortable, loud, bumpy ride

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