May 122008

Premier’s Easywalk Harness is by far the most effective harness on the market for Lexi. Its secret is that it clips in the front of the harness, not the back. Lexi is a loose leash walker with this one.

My only wish is that it should be fleece lined….The nylon is rubbing her armpits and chest, creating ‘burn’ spots. Other than that, fantastic product! Honestly, I’ve tried them all – more reviews are coming soon…

Available at Petco, Petsmart, and also online for around $15.

Pros: Effective and humane loose leash walking
Cons: Nylon rubs off hair after long term use

Lexi Rates it: 3 Stars for always wanting to be off-leash!
Mom Rates it 4 Stars for actually working~

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