Jan 052009

I never thought I would have to reject this product, and it saddens me to do so. I had fed her 2 whole cases of this product since it first came out, with no problems….Lexi was doing great (stool-wise) until the new case of out-of-stock back-ordered Organix can food arrived.

When Lexi had constant diarrhea after the first few cans, I didn’t want to believe the food was the problem. But, then again this was when the recall disaster was all over the news. I thought I was being paranoid so I tested it out.

Lexi was given no food or treats for approx. 14 hours. Her diarrhea stopped and she had small amounts of firm stool of whatever was left in her stomach. The next day I gave her a small can of Nature’s Variety Prairie Lamb formula. Again she was fine. The next 2 weeks I only gave her boiled chicken or beef, mixed with small cans of Nature’s Variety, Wellness, or Innova and she was fine. So I decided to give it a go and gave her 1 small can of Organix. The diarrhea started immediately and this time accompanied with vomiting :O

I couldn’t believe it. I threw out the whole case.

Although they proclaim to have no connection to a recent pet food product recall, their products are manufactured by MenuFoods, and they voluntarily recalled their Feline formulas. Just because a brand boasts their organic produce, it doesn’t mean that they’re all good. Yes, they use organic turkey, chicken, and organic vegetables but they’re produced with other brands from Menufoods, which lead to cross-contamination.

Please keep in mind that this brand was rejected by Lexi only, and yes, it could just be a solitary reaction specific to her. I just don’t want to take the risk, and neither should your pets.

Pros: Certified organic produce
Cons: Diarrhea, vomiting, produced by Menufoods

Lexi Rates it: 0 Stars for giving her tummy-ache
Mom Rates it: 0 Stars for making Lexi suffer

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