Oct 022009

Bear Mountain, NY

Bear Mountain is only about 40 mins from NYC but the scenery will make you feel like you’ve traveled far

wonderful fresh mountain breeze and little paths to follow

Lexi becomes very in tune with all the sights & sounds~

and enjoys walking through the ‘secret garden’ like paths. Don’t forget the treats and water!

We go all year long – spring, summer, fall, and even winter! and we also like to go with friends!

Definitely Lexi’s favorite places to go *WINNER*!!!

Directions from NYC:

Take Westside Hwy, cross GW bridge stay on right lane to merge onto Palisades Pkwy North. Take Palisades Pkwy to Exit 19. For more info visit: http://nysparks.state.ny.us/parks/info.asp?parkID=55
Pros: Great exercise and beautiful scenery
Cons: Lots of bugs and unofficial* off-leashing…..

*Please respect wildlife & other hikers. Make sure your dog is super efficient with recall command. Pets are not to chase or harm wildlife and please don’t litter.

Lexi Rates it: 5 Stars for awesome hike!
Mom Rates: 5 Stars for perfect weekend activity~

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