May 042010

We love Wellness!

Although the kibble was too rich for Lexi and gave her occasional runs and constant loose stools, the can formula is fabulous! They have lots of variety, important ingredients, and lovely packaging~ Of course you should never choose such an important product like your pet’s food by it’s packaging, or marketing skills (such as glossy photos of veggies), it’s just nice when a really good product has equally nice design.

The grain free formulas are great toppers, or additions to home-cooked or raw diets, but not formulated to be the pet’s sole diet. Recommended for dog’s with allergies or having digestive problems.

Here is their blurb about the recall:

  • Our ingredients are primarily sourced in the United States and Canada. We source some unique ingredients internationally—for example lamb and venison from New Zealand. However, we do not source anything from the supplier in China at the center of the recent pet food recalls
  • Available online, or local pet store.

Pros: Not manufactured by Menu Foods Inc.
Cons: None! (Well, we would prefer it is completely organic, but that’s OK).

Lexi Rates it: 5 Stars for yumminess & variety
Mom Rates it: 5 Stars for not cutting any corners

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