Mar 122011

This is Cookie, a 7 yr old female Beagle. My mom brought her all the way from Korea help me and my sister move to NJ from NYC.

At first they were doing ok…

Then tension arose when Cookie realized that Lexi is a big softy, and that size was an illusion.

They tried to work it out, but every time food or toy was involved, Cookie would snap and snarl at Lexi. Lexi had learned to share from a young age, but Cookie decided to be dominant older female…

So ultimately, Cookie got rejected by Lexi : (

Pros: My mother learned that Cookie is not an angel as she had believed.
Cons: They must stay together until the end of July which will be hard on our family!

Lexi Rates Cookie: 2 Stars for being a bossy b*tch
Mom Rates Cookie: 3 Stars for bad manners & running away so often

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