Mar 202012

Lexi’s 6 yr Birthday Party!

1. Make some party bags with healthy treats, and have a injury waiver sign form ready along with a first aid kit for both humans and pets.

2. Start making some yummy treats~

3. Bake a hamburger cake – Ground beef, egg, tofu mix to bind. Use can food for layering/icing. Use cheese and ham for sandwich effect.

4. Garnish with ham, cheese, sausage slices, treats, and write with thick bbq sauce

5. Use cookie cutters to make fun shapes with low sodium spam, and jelly-like can food like Caesar – Aw come on! Once in a while its okay~

6. Invite some cool friends

7. Dress up real snazzy~

8. Do some paw printing with washable non-toxic children’s paint!

9. Agility is fun too!!!

10. And of course~ EAT EAT EAT!!!!!!!!

For more images check out our Doberman Group here:

For some great cupcake ideas – for both humans and dogs – visit this cupcake blog.

Pros: Lots of fun and eating!!!
Cons: Lexi can’t read the bday cards~

Lexi Rates it: 5 Stars for CAKE, friends, and more CAKE!!!
Mom Rates it: 5 Stars for tons of fun~*

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