Dec 292012

Lexi has recently found some Squidoo lenses that she is really fond of and thought we should mention here. All of these lenses are “Lexi Approved!”

1) Dog Massage Tips – In Lexi’s opinion, there is nothing better than a good dog massage. This lens walks you through the basic steps and also has some great books and other resources to help you get an “A+” in dog massage techniques. A Lexi favorite!

2) The Responsibilities of Dog Care and Ownership – Are you thinking about getting a new puppy? Having a puppy around can be great fun – but it is also a serious responsibility. This lens looks at the work and costs involved when adopting a new dog or puppy into your home. (For now, Lexi is happy we are a “one dog” family!)

3) Perennial Shade Gardens – Lexi really “digs” perennial gardens (get it?). Although this Squidoo lens deals with perennials more generally, the information on gardening with perennials in the shade is definitely the most important. Growing plants in yards with a lot of shade (like ours) is not easy, and this was a valuable resource to help us create a more beautiful playground for Lexi.

We hope you enjoy reading these lenses. Thanks again for stopping by The Lexi Review!

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