Jan 132014

Sometimes the owners of Lexi and Max (the cat) take trips. And when they take a trip, they need a way to feed and water their pets. If a friend can do this, it’s great, but that isn’t always the case. This is when technology comes to the rescue. Did you know there are a wide variety of automatic pet feeders cats – and even dogs – can use?

These feeders work a variety of different ways, but one of the most common features is a timer that will automatically dispense a certain amount of food so that Fido or Fluffy doesn’t eat all their meals at once (and then go hungry for a day or more afterwards). Some of these feeders can be set for up to a week in advance. If you take frequent trips and want to make sure your pets are fed (but not too much!) on a regular basis, it may be worth while checking them out.

Of course, if your cat is really smart, he’ll figure it all out and simply wait for it – like this one:

Lexi definitely approves!

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