Jun 092014

Dogs and chickens are often thought as predator and prey, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Good farm dogs often have wonderful relationships with chickens. Check out the photo below of the cozy relationship some dogs and chickens can have in a farm setting:


So, the moral being that your dog doesn’t have to see your chickens necessarily as their next meal! A good dog will even be able to protect small chicken coops from other predators, including racoons, minks and similar nuisances.

As backyard farming becomes more and more popular, we’ve been thinking about the relationship that might develop between Lexi and any hens we might keep. Unfortunately, the best farm dogs are those who are around chickens from a very young age. Unfortunately, Lexi’s only real connection to chickens to date has come from canned chicken food!

Still, we might look into building a small, cute chicken coop for some hens that is caged, where she can watch but not touch. We will see!

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