Dec 102016

We just got our tree and we are so excited! It was quite a journey though. We had decided we wanted to get the tree today, but man it was snowing hard! We put chains on the car and drove the two miles to our local Christmas tree farm. They are dog friendly, and we decided as a family what kind of tree was best for us. I like the tall ones, but Lexi seemed to really enjoy the more bushy versions. Maybe he things there is a squirrel or something similar living inside.

After we decided, it took a while to saw the tree down. I have to say, I’m not the best when it comes to sawing down trees, and it probably took longer than it should. The tree was about seven feet, but the woman who measured it said we only had to pay for six feet. At eight dollars a foot, it came to about $50. Not too bad I guess.

Then we had to tie the tree on the roof. At this point, everyone was getting cold and wanted to be INSIDE the car. Tying the tree on took way too long in my opinion. Taking if off the car took some time as well once we got home, and I’m going to have to spend some time cleaning the car out now. Anybody have some green cleaning tips for pine needles?

Decorating the tree was fun, as usual. We have a nice collection of ornaments from the years. Including a few “Lexi” photo ornaments and other dog related bulbs. We have little dog bone ornaments, and dog shaped ceramic bulbs as well. No one will not know we are dog lovers that’s for sure.

Now that the tree is up, it’s really beginning to feel a lot like Christmas – as the song says. Can’t wait to see what is under the tree this year. I wonder what Lexi wants from Santa this year?

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