Dec 072013

Most dogs don’t like cats, but Lexi isn’t one of them. One of his favorite friends is our lovely Maine Coon, named Mr. Puffs.


Isn’t he a beauty? Mr. Puffs doesn’t have his own review page, but there are some things he really loves. First, he’s a huge fan of the Catit Design cat toys, especially the Catit Design speed circuit, which can entertain him for hours on end. This company has a series of interlocking cat toys and other items (like cat grass and cat fountains), that are top of the line quality.

Mr. Puffs definitely approves this line of toys. So if you are looking for a Christmas present for your cat, take a look at all the great cat toys and other cat supplies here:

And I have to also mention that Lexi thinks these toys are pretty cool as well, although she can’t quite figure them all out!

Merry Christmas from Lexi and Mr. Puffs to you!

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