Mar 122011

This is Cookie, a 7 yr old female Beagle. My mom brought her all the way from Korea help me and my sister move to NJ from NYC.

At first they were doing ok…

Then tension arose when Cookie realized that Lexi is a big softy, and that size was an illusion.

They tried to work it out, but every time food or toy was involved, Cookie would snap and snarl at Lexi. Lexi had learned to share from a young age, but Cookie decided to be dominant older female…

So ultimately, Cookie got rejected by Lexi : (

Pros: My mother learned that Cookie is not an angel as she had believed.
Cons: They must stay together until the end of July which will be hard on our family!

Lexi Rates Cookie: 2 Stars for being a bossy b*tch
Mom Rates Cookie: 3 Stars for bad manners & running away so often

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May 042010

We love Wellness!

Although the kibble was too rich for Lexi and gave her occasional runs and constant loose stools, the can formula is fabulous! They have lots of variety, important ingredients, and lovely packaging~ Of course you should never choose such an important product like your pet’s food by it’s packaging, or marketing skills (such as glossy photos of veggies), it’s just nice when a really good product has equally nice design.

The grain free formulas are great toppers, or additions to home-cooked or raw diets, but not formulated to be the pet’s sole diet. Recommended for dog’s with allergies or having digestive problems.

Here is their blurb about the recall:

  • Our ingredients are primarily sourced in the United States and Canada. We source some unique ingredients internationally—for example lamb and venison from New Zealand. However, we do not source anything from the supplier in China at the center of the recent pet food recalls
  • Available online, or local pet store.

Pros: Not manufactured by Menu Foods Inc.
Cons: None! (Well, we would prefer it is completely organic, but that’s OK).

Lexi Rates it: 5 Stars for yumminess & variety
Mom Rates it: 5 Stars for not cutting any corners

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Oct 022009

Bear Mountain, NY

Bear Mountain is only about 40 mins from NYC but the scenery will make you feel like you’ve traveled far

wonderful fresh mountain breeze and little paths to follow

Lexi becomes very in tune with all the sights & sounds~

and enjoys walking through the ‘secret garden’ like paths. Don’t forget the treats and water!

We go all year long – spring, summer, fall, and even winter! and we also like to go with friends!

Definitely Lexi’s favorite places to go *WINNER*!!!

Directions from NYC:

Take Westside Hwy, cross GW bridge stay on right lane to merge onto Palisades Pkwy North. Take Palisades Pkwy to Exit 19. For more info visit:
Pros: Great exercise and beautiful scenery
Cons: Lots of bugs and unofficial* off-leashing…..

*Please respect wildlife & other hikers. Make sure your dog is super efficient with recall command. Pets are not to chase or harm wildlife and please don’t litter.

Lexi Rates it: 5 Stars for awesome hike!
Mom Rates: 5 Stars for perfect weekend activity~

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Jul 162009

A beautiful dog-friendly log cabin retreat in the Catskills~
Lexi enjoyed guarding us from nature’s surprises
and relaxing in the cozy atmosphere~

Honing her true working dog instincts and more relaxation

~The stream that travels along the cabin was so soothing!

Lexi played soccer with her friend – all day long!

and frolicked in the morning fog~

Check out the site for vacation rentals by owners for cabins and condos.
Look for the paw sign for dog-friendly properties.
If you are disabled and need some help up and down stairs, you may want a cabin or house with a chair lift for stairs.
Pros: Privacy, nature, coziness
Cons: 4 hr drive from NYC
Lexi Rates it: 5 Stars for becoming like a wild dog!
Mom Rates it: 5 Stars for awesome weekend
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Jan 052009

I never thought I would have to reject this product, and it saddens me to do so. I had fed her 2 whole cases of this product since it first came out, with no problems….Lexi was doing great (stool-wise) until the new case of out-of-stock back-ordered Organix can food arrived.

When Lexi had constant diarrhea after the first few cans, I didn’t want to believe the food was the problem. But, then again this was when the recall disaster was all over the news. I thought I was being paranoid so I tested it out.

Lexi was given no food or treats for approx. 14 hours. Her diarrhea stopped and she had small amounts of firm stool of whatever was left in her stomach. The next day I gave her a small can of Nature’s Variety Prairie Lamb formula. Again she was fine. The next 2 weeks I only gave her boiled chicken or beef, mixed with small cans of Nature’s Variety, Wellness, or Innova and she was fine. So I decided to give it a go and gave her 1 small can of Organix. The diarrhea started immediately and this time accompanied with vomiting :O

I couldn’t believe it. I threw out the whole case.

Although they proclaim to have no connection to a recent pet food product recall, their products are manufactured by MenuFoods, and they voluntarily recalled their Feline formulas. Just because a brand boasts their organic produce, it doesn’t mean that they’re all good. Yes, they use organic turkey, chicken, and organic vegetables but they’re produced with other brands from Menufoods, which lead to cross-contamination.

Please keep in mind that this brand was rejected by Lexi only, and yes, it could just be a solitary reaction specific to her. I just don’t want to take the risk, and neither should your pets.

Pros: Certified organic produce
Cons: Diarrhea, vomiting, produced by Menufoods

Lexi Rates it: 0 Stars for giving her tummy-ache
Mom Rates it: 0 Stars for making Lexi suffer

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Jun 062008

This is a fun, inexpensive way to dress up your pooch for a party. Lexi was a hit for my Hula themed birthday party~

It’s also relatively humane… >: )

Lexi played ball, ate BBQ, sang in her doggie way, and mingled all while wearing this outfit with no fuss! Maybe the steaks were a distraction~

Available in a variety of colors at Party City for $7.99 (purchase child/youth size)

Pros: Hula-Lexi loves all the attention!
Cons: Lexi starts to think she’s a ‘real girl’!!!

Lexi Rates it: 4 Stars Whatever it takes for more table scraps!
Mom Rates it: 5 Stars for making Lexi sooo adorable~

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May 122008

Premier’s Easywalk Harness is by far the most effective harness on the market for Lexi. Its secret is that it clips in the front of the harness, not the back. Lexi is a loose leash walker with this one.

My only wish is that it should be fleece lined….The nylon is rubbing her armpits and chest, creating ‘burn’ spots. Other than that, fantastic product! Honestly, I’ve tried them all – more reviews are coming soon…

Available at Petco, Petsmart, and also online for around $15.

Pros: Effective and humane loose leash walking
Cons: Nylon rubs off hair after long term use

Lexi Rates it: 3 Stars for always wanting to be off-leash!
Mom Rates it 4 Stars for actually working~

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Oct 022007

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Larchmont Beach is only 30 minutes from Manhattan.
This small beach is off-leash for dogs all year round.
A great way to get those big paws wet!

Make sure to check when the tide comes in
Beautiful scenery, neighborhood, and friendly dogs!

It’s a great way to spend an afternoon together with your dog!

Pros: Off-leash all year round!
Cons: No fence, so be sure of recall command
Lexi Rates it: 5 Stars for sand between toes~
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Jun 242007

The Lexi Review

All things dog related critiqued by a Doberman!

Nethermead – Prospect Park, 5/22/07
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